Raw vs Virgin Hair

What is the difference between Raw and Virgin Hair?

A few things to consider before purchasing raw hair:

1. Raw hair is significantly different from virgin hair. Both are human hair extensions; however, raw hair is unaltered. Virgin hair has been steamed processed to give it texture. Raw Hair has not been steamed processed or chemically altered in any way. Essentially, they get the hair from the donor and then clean it and attach the wefts and send it to you. The way you get the hair is  the same way the person had it on their head. 

2. Since raw hair hasn’t been chemically altered or steamed processed, it only comes in three textures. Raw hair primarily comes in straight, natural wave and in curly, which is rare. There is no such thing as a deep wave, kinky curly, body wave, etc. when dealing with raw hair. 

3. Raw hair does require different maintenance from virgin hair. As weird as it seems, raw hair needs a lot of moisturizing and conditioning. I highly recommend using quality products ,only. Yes, you can use Pantene, but I guarantee you, that if you use Nexxus instead, you will notice a big difference. There are specific products you should and should not use on raw hair. However, the products used on virgin hair won't alter the pattern in any way. 

4. While raw hair is better quality, keep in mind it will be more expensive. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair can last up to 5 years or more. Prices can be a bit expensive but it will prove to be worth it in the long run. With raw hair, you will always pay more. 

5. Virgin hair comes in a variety of origins and textures. Unlike raw hair, which only comes in three textures and usually one to three origins, like Cambodian, Indian, and Vietnamese and straight, natural wave, and curly. You have more of a variety with virgin. Virgin hair textures and patterns range from Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, etc. and a variety of textures like kinky curly, body wave, deep curly, etc. 

6. While raw hair is more expensive, the investment  and maintenance is worth it. It will last much longer if you make a wig or clip-ins out of it.  But, if you are looking for more textures like kinky curly even a deep wave, virgin hair is for you.

I hope this helps!